The City of Augusta (the “City”) does not warrant, represent or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided at this website. Information provided here is simply for your convenience. There may be recent addenda or changes in the Request for Proposals (“RFP”), Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) or Bid Documents including, among other things, the Bidding instructions, general conditions, technical specifications, and exhibits that may not be currently reflected at this site. For a complete set of specifications and the applicable RFP, RFQ or Bid Documents, all interested Bidders are directed to the City's Procurement Office (“Procurement Office”) located at the Department of Procurement, Municipal Building, 530 Greene Street, RM 605, Augusta, Georgia, 30901. In the event of a conflict or discrepancy between the information or documents posted at this website and the RFP, RFQ or Bid Documents published and contained in the Procurement Office, the RFP, RFQ or Bid Documents in the City’s Procurement Office shall control." Contract information may also be obtained at the Clerk of Commission website. The City shall not be responsible or liable in any way for errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any documents or information retrieved or downloaded from this site. Content on this site is subject to change without notification. Information contained within this computer application is for RFP, RFQ, and Bid items for the 2008 calendar year only. Bid information will be updated periodically to include additional years.

Acquiring Proposal, Qualifications or Bid Documents

Bidders are responsible for acquiring a hard copy of a document directly from the Augusta Richmond County Procurement Department, Augusta Blueprint, Digital Blueprint, or Imaging Technologies before submitting a Bid or proposal. While addenda will be added to the ARC Bid Documents on the City’s web page, Augusta Richmond County does not accept responsibility for informing recipients of changes to the original documents unless they have received a specification package directly from our department, Augusta Blueprint, Digital Blueprint, or Imaging Technologies. A request for Bid Documents should be faxed to the Augusta Richmond County Bid and Contracts Team @ 706-821-2811. Should you have any questions concerning the Bid Documents you may contact a member of the Bid and Contracts Team directly @ 706-821-2422.

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